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Nursing Home – Quarry House Fishponds, Bristol BS16

Quarry House Nursing Home in Fishponds, Bristol BS16

Receiving positive feedback from our residents’ families is extremely important for us as it’s a reconfirmation of the high quality of care we are providing. Quarry House has recently received two thank you letters that we are happy to be sharing with you.

Care that is over and above expectations

Dear Shelly,

I remember back in September when my daughter Jaimie and I came to visit you regarding placing my dear mum under your care at Quarry House. The way you welcomed us, and the standard of service and care you offered was too much to turn down at the time.

You could have not underestimated it more. The home was lovely, the care was over and above expectations, and we could never have asked for more.

Sadly, mum is no longer with us, but we know that she was given the highest standard of care from a team that was so friendly, helpful, sympathetic, and professional in everything they did.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the way you all looked after mum so well.

There are some members of staff that we found that we needed to mention for being over and above expectations:

Grace, Sarah, Carol, Stella, Zac, Grace’s daughter. These people have been absolute angels. You couldn’t find more lovely people. Not to say the rest of the staff were not. Everyone of the staff at Quarry House has been amazing.

I would also like to mention the girls in reception for their lovely welcome and assistance every day when we visited.

Again, we just want to thank you all so much.

With all our love and blessings,

The Kotula family.

More than a nursing home, a home away from home

There is a taboo around nursing homes, particularly in Black communities. When you are a family as tight-knit and invested in each other as we are, it is not an easy consideration. What would the matriarch of our family want? What is the best way to ensure dignity? Are we the family the best people to give her the person-centered attention that she needs, or could the right nursing home offer that, and the specific health and social care that she deserves?

In our case, we were lucky to find Quarry House Nursing Home in Fishponds, Bristol. From the moment we walked in, we knew it was the right place for her. The garden was stunning, especially on sunny days, the building was airy, clean, and fresh. There was a good variety of tasty food, and there were always daily activities to keep the residents occupied. In the summer, for example, the residents would go on trips to the seaside and the countryside, which they all enjoyed.  

We could rest easy that our mother, grandmother, aunty, sister, would be safe and cared for. Quarry House is more than a nursing home; it is a home away from home. They not only opened their doors, but they allowed us to make their living room our living room.

We had numerous family takeovers on occasions like birthdays, where we would sing at the top of our voices, bang tambourines, laugh, and joke. We also held monthly prayer meetings and gospel singing for all residents. The staff were affectionate yet professional and approachable when it came to the care of my gran. The fact that Quarry House is an ethnically diverse employer, meant they were able to deliver in a culturally sensitive manner, building relationships with gran and all of us family members to ensure trust was fostered. If we ever wanted to speak to any senior members of the team, they were there to listen. As you can see, we are a big family, but we were always encouraged and supported to visit as frequently as we wanted.

Throughout the pandemic, the staff of Quarry House worked tirelessly to keep my gran safe, and it worked. They were also graceful, and understanding of our concerns when restrictions were enforced by the Prime Minister. They kept us updated, answered any questions, and created structures that meant most of the time at least one of us was able to go and visit.

But perhaps the true testament to just how caring and dignifying the staff of Quarry House is, is the day our matriarch passed. Some of us entered the room, our mother, grandmother, aunty, sister laid there, looking peaceful, rested, and happy. To see her like that was an ease to our hearts and provided an ounce of coolness in the midst of our grieving. For that, we are eternally grateful, and we have no qualms about wholeheartedly recommending Quarry House Nursing Home to anyone.

To the remarkable staff at Quarry House, we wish you the best in your personal and professional lives. Thank you for your care and attention to our matriarch Edith. God truly bless you all.

From all of the family.

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Table of Contents

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