Our unique care

We are always looking to be innovative in our service. We offer many features which will help you to maintain a high level of fulfilment in your life at each of our homes.


We are unique in our approach to maintaining your independence and quality of life for as long as possible when you live with us.

We have our own dedicated physiotherapist, Sophie, who works across the four homes and can make assessments of ways to best promote independence and participation, by collaborating with nursing and care staff as well as the wellbeing team.

Sophie has a background as a specialist in neuro-physio and is passionate about helping to maintain and improve the quality of life of our residents.

Sophie’s role is all about completing assessments and setting strategies for care staff and the well-being team to follow, to support our residents’ particular needs. This is a step away from the traditional delivery of regular physiotherapy sessions. Should you wish to arrange this with an external therapist, Sophie is always very happy to support referrals and collaborate with your therapist to ensure that all the strategies are understood and followed.

Bristol Care Homes Physiotherapy
Bristol Care Homes Innovative Decor
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Internal decoration projects

We have worked with our local partners Pace Agency to specify and install an innovative solution to decoration of key areas of our homes which creates a dementia friendly environment for our residents. Through consultation with our residents, our staff and other local partners we developed a stimulating solution to the issues of orientation for people living with dementia in our homes, whilst ensuring that the solution still fits with those with different needs. The result is an attractive arrangement of themed art on the walls which delivers excellence in visual appeal, but also wayfinding at the same time.

Bristol Care Homes Care Plan System

Fully automated care plan and medication systems

As you can see from the rest of our information, we are very proud to be early implementers of electronic care planning and electronic medication management systems. These are both state of the art and support improved quality of life and positive outcomes for you.

Adapted wheelchair cars available for all

We believe that living with us should not just be limited to staying in our homes. In addition to our minibus team who offer a wide variety of interesting trips out, we also have cars which have been adapted for wheelchairs which are fully insured and available for your relatives and friends to drive you out when you like.

We provide the car (booked on a first come first serve basis) the insurance and a base amount of fuel for trips you might require, for example your family might wish to take you away for the weekend and this can easily be achieved through the use of this car.

Bristol Care Homes Wheelchair Vehicle
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Bristol Care Homes Glebe House Almondsbury BS32 banner

Idyllic garden and grounds

Beautiful, award winning gardens and grounds which create tranquil and inviting surrounding for you, your family and friends to spend time together.

Holistic care

We are committed to best practices in our nursing and residential care. Continuous care planning ensures regularly updated assessment of your needs. Our computerised care planning system ensures that our qualified nursing and care staff always have accurate information, and provides a full audit trail of your care. We discuss your needs with you directly, and with your relatives if you agree. We liaise closely with your doctor.

Our podiatrist and in-house physiotherapist visit the home regularly and optician, dental, and hospital appointments are arranged as required.

  • We ensure the best clinical care.
  • Competent teams of qualified nurses and carers.
  • Top-quality chefs producing tasty varied and nutritious meals.
  • Fully computerised care plans.
  • Regular internal care quality audits.
  • Wheelchair provision including when needed a fully configured Action 3 wheelchair to completely support the resident in total comfort.
  • High-technology baths and walk-in showers for choice of bathing in state-of-the-art comfort.
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Creative arts & activities

We have developed a creative and active community life in each of our homes. Our fully equipped customised minibus offers regular trips out to the attractive local countryside, and to places of interest. Each weekday sees a variety of activities led by our dedicated activities teams, these include:

  • A regular programme of leading musicians from Live Music Now.
  • Artists’ workshops, commissions of art, and exhibitions with Spike Island.
  • Creative gardening and outdoor mosaic workshops with Garden Support.
  • A variety of creative inputs from Alive Activities.
Bristol Care Homes Unique Care

Very best facilities

We are constantly investing in our facilities. Since opening our first home in 1996 we have established a well-earned reputation for our total commitment to deliver the highest quality of care.

  • Beautiful gardens at each of our homes.
  • Environmentally designed buildings with 24/7 air circulation keeping the atmosphere always fresh.
  • Spacious rooms with increased ceiling height.
  • Wide corridors for ease of access.
  • Television, DVD player, and direct line telephone and internet access in each room.
  • Regular maintenance and replacement cycle of new carpets and redecoration which keeps our homes always looking attractive.

Bristol Care Homes, providing top quality, best value, holistic care

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