It’s very comfortable here and all the staff are extremely good. There are lots of activities and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise and make friends. It’s also easy for my family to visit too.

Barbara, resident

The home is in a beautiful setting and the staff are extremely kind. They make sure I’m all right, but they also allowed me to live my own life. I like going out on trips and enjoy having meals in my room too.

Mavis, resident

We have a great team here – everyone helps each other and the residents can really see this. We’re like one big family!

Katty, member of staff

The whole team on Garden have been brilliant and I would like to pass on my gratitude to them all


Family member
of former resident


During the Cornavirus epidemic our aims are to ensure that:

1 – the risk of infection for our residents is minimised through strict infection control, adequate PPE, intensive cleaning
2 – the likelihood of recovery is maximised through immediate diagnosis, 24/7 on site expert nursing, respiratory equipment

We have so far achieved low infection rates and high recovery rates.


We are a small group of 4 high-quality care homes in Bristol. Our founding vision is to provide excellence in all aspects of care for all our residents. Our service leads the way in care home provision.

We Are Best In Class

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We’ve teamed up with Bristol’s creative Papadeli caterers to support our catering team in delivering the best catering possible – we are in the process of putting our brochure on this together, come back soon to view it…



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