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We all here at Bristol Care Homes are happy to announce the launch of our new Best in Class Catering Brochure. The new brochure is available digitally here and printed in any of our 4 homes in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Your excellent dining experience

We know that your dining experience is an important part of your day, so we put everything in place to ensure that this experience is excellent.

  • Dining rooms which are a pleasant and relaxing environment for you to enjoy your food with other residents. If you prefer to eat in your own room this can easily be accommodated.
  • Food which is varied, nutritious and well presented.
  • Menus which change and adapt based on your feedback and requirements.
  • As we get to know you we will learn all about your preferences for food, the timings you prefer and areas of the home you like to eat. We can easily support you to eat if required and have adaptive equipment available for anyone who requires it.
  • We have in all our Bristol care homes regular audits of our food, dining experience and kitchen processes from our external partner Papadeli who are a leading local deli and catering school.

Our Chefs

We ensure that our chefs have high standard through excellent training, learning and development opportunities.

  • Our chefs will meet with you when you come into the home to introduce themselves, show you the current menu options, confirm your likes and dislikes and ensure that all food meets your dietary requirements.
  • Head chefs have regular away days at the cookery school of our external partner Papadeli to support their learning and development and to share new ideas.
  • Our chefs have close relationships with our residents understanding their culinary wishes, making seasonal adjustments and ensuring culinary diversity (Jamaican, Chinese, celebrating customs & traditions).
  • They share activities with our residents like growing vegetables in the garden and using those vegetables to make dishes.
  • All our chefs are trained to a minimum level 3 in Food Hygiene and all care staff receive food hygiene training.
  • Chefs in our Bristol and South Gloucestershire homes are fully trained in all possible dietary requirements, textures and thickness of food for people living with Dysphagia. This is known as the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI).
  • Chefs and any staff new to care receive fluid and nutrition training, ensuring they understand what constitutes a balance diet, principles of hydration, nutrition and food safety, supporting people to have access to food and fluid in accordance with their care plan.

How we get to know you better

Here is what you’ve been saying about the service.

  • “I like the options on the menu and I can always ask for something different if I do not wish to have the food on the menu.”
  • “The food is fantastic and all homemade”
  • “The food is great and my husband very much enjoys it.”
  • “I like the roast dinners best and the trimmings served with them.”
  • “My wife speaks so highly of the kindness of the staff and wonderful food.”
  • “My wife says the food is excellent and the staff are very good as well.”
  • “The whole experience including the wonderful food made the home so memorable.”
  • “The food is good and nutritionally balanced, more than exciting.”
  • “The quality of the food is something you would expect in a quality hotel.”

Our menus and suppliers

  • Chefs update menus regularly to ensure that food is varied and adapted to your needs and feedback.
  • Changes are made to make best use of the seasonal produce available from our suppliers.
  • We use suppliers who provide the best quality, freshest ingredients to ensure the food is of the highest standard possible.
  • We have deliveries of our foods almost every day so that ingredients are at their freshest.
  • When our Bristol care homes residents go on trips, we either prepare a healthy and nutritious lunch or choose venues that serve fresh foods.

Feedback and surveys

We are always keen to ensure that you are happy with your dining experience.

  • We conduct regular residents surveys which includes feedback on food and your dining experience so that we can continually improve our offer to you and meet your needs and expectations.
  • Staff anticipate needs and risk to ensure people have support when there are difficulties/discomfort.
  • Staff also use technology effectively to report any changes in the diet of our residents.
  • Our nursing care teams run regular oral care checks, make sure there are no dehydration risks, provide professional advice for supplements and fortified meals.
  • We also have regular visits from our partner Papadeli who give us the professional feedback we need to keep us on track with our best-in-class catering.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact any of our 4 care homes in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

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Table of Contents

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