Keeping Safe with Bristol Care Homes

Keeping everyone safe has always been a priority for Bristol Care Homes.  It applies equally to all our residents, their relatives and friends, and to all our staff.

The Coronavirus pandemic presents a huge challenge to maintaining our high level of safety. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to the disease. Residents in care homes are amongst the most vulnerable group, but careful analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics shows that this is due to their underlying health condition and their need for care, and not because they are living in a care home. Whilst we cannot achieve a zero-risk environment, we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk.  Our aim is that our residents are not under any greater risk, and where possible are at lower risk, than if they were either at home, in hospital or any other care facility.

We have therefore worked urgently to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our two prime objectives, in relation to the coronavirus, are that

  1. our residents are protected from infection
  2. any residents who do suffer an infection have the maximum likelihood of a swift recovery

To achieve this, we have implemented very detailed strict infection control procedures in every aspect of the home’s daily life from nursing and caring, through to catering and cleaning. These procedures are available for inspection on request. Our residents do need care which in turn requires contact, but our procedures ensure that such necessary contact is at a rigorously professional level of infection control so that risk to the resident is minimised.

Residents with a suspected infection are immediately attended by our highly skilled professional 24/7 on-site nurse team. Where necessary, a doctor will be in rapid attendance. We are able to administer oxygen where prescribed. The resident is then isolated and barrier nursed. We have ensured adequate PPE for our staff, sourcing supply internationally, and on one occasion driving to Birmingham ourselves to collect a delivery of PPE.

Team member with a new delivery of face masks from Germany.

Bristol Care Homes Keeping Safe during COVID

Surgical masks, like that worn by the carer, are used at all times for general work in the home. The masks in the box are FFP2 rated for use when treating residents with a suspected infection.

We do have some cases of infection, and have sadly experienced the loss of some residents. Our condolences are with their family and friends. But we can also report high levels of recovery. At two of our homes, 60% of residents have achieved complete recovery, with a further 25-40% receiving ongoing treatment.

We are therefore able to take new residents, who will be asked to observe isolation in their room for the first 14 days after joining us, and who will be assured of the same high standard of safekeeping which we at Bristol Care Homes are committed to. Our policies and procedures for the admission of new residents have been specifically endorsed by Public Health England.

We thank all our team for their huge commitment to achieve this safe environment at all our homes.