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Care Jobs Bristol

Vacancies At Bristol Care Homes

A Day In The Life Of A Care or Nursing Home Carer At Bristol Care Homes

Carers do the most amazing job in Care and Nursing Homes, as well as the support teams who ensure the home, operates and cares for its residents as it does. Without them the people who can no longer live on their own and who need support with everyday living would be left alone, struggling and not living happy and fulfilled lives. We have vacancies available at Bristol Care Homes and whether you have caring experience or not, we would love to talk to you. If you feel passionate about caring for others and are looking for a progressive and highly rewarding career then a caring position may be for you. We have different vacancies available, both as carers and support team members in our Nursing Homes located around Bristol.

The team at Bristol Care Homes are very much like a family and we work extremely hard every day to compassionately care for every resident to ensure they feel valued, happy and content living in our care.

When you work for Bristol Care Homes we offer you excellent benefits and invest in you to ensure you have the skills you need to deliver outstanding care. We provide a full induction training programme as well as plenty of opportunities for you to develop your skills and progress through your career with us.

You can take a look at the jobs we have available and apply for them here.

At Bristol Care Homes we offer creative nursing care with a difference and are looking for caring and compassionate people to join our teams in both part-time and full-time positions as well as Bank hours. We have positions available for all types of roles and whatever you do for us you are considered a crucial and important member of our team:

    • Accounts Assistant
    • Activities Coordinator – Almondsbury
    • Care Assistant
    • Kitchen Assistant
    • Night Care Assistant
    • Night Nurse
    • Registered Nurse
    • Senior Care Assistant
    • Senior Carer
    • Team Leader

There are many benefits of working with us at Bristol Care Homes including:

    • Career development
    • Ongoing training opportunities both inhouse and externally
    • Fast track onboarding
    • Working in family-focused, friendly and professional environments
    • Good rates of pay
    • Additional pay for weekend and night shifts
    • Additional pay for overtime
    • We offer a profit share bonus scheme
    • Public Health England Approved Infection Control Measures in place

What does a typical day in the life of a carer look like at Bristol Care Homes?

Working as part of our team at Bristol Care homes is extremely varied and you will work with a diverse group of people with different care needs. You will also work alongside a team of people with a distinct and varied range of skills who are passionate about caring for others.

Our residents come from all different backgrounds and have a variety of different caring needs. Some will have conditions such as Dementia or Parkinson’s, some will need physical support with everyday tasks, and some of our residents no longer want to live on their own and are looking for social interaction and companionship. Our outstanding care in all 4 of our Nursing Homes offers peace of mind for both our residents and their families from living in a safe and supportive environment of understanding, supportive, empathetic and like-minded people.

At Bristol Care Homes our ethos and values are not only focused on providing outstanding medical and physical care but are also about the happiness of our residents and us taking care of their emotional needs.

If you are a caring and compassionate person who wants to make a difference in peoples lives then working in the care industry could be for you, find out more about our vacancies here.

Mornings At Bristol Care Homes

The mornings at Bristol Care Homes are about supporting our residents to get up, washed and dressed so they are ready for their day ahead.

Beds are made and rooms are tidied as the residents are getting up and it is all very much a routine for both our residents and teams within our homes.

The majority of our residents will be served their breakfast in our dining area and it is a calm and interactive start to their day. Breakfast is prepared in our own onsite kitchens in each of our homes and our food is varied and nutritious, catering to each resident’s individual needs.

If needed our residents can have their breakfast in their own room, however, we encourage everyone to come and enjoy their mealtimes together for the social interaction they have. If needed our residents are helped at mealtimes by our team.

After breakfast, residents can go back to their room and watch TV, read or enjoy some alone time, or they can choose to go to our communal lounges to watch TV, read or catch up with their friends.

Our communal lounges have comfortable chairs to relax in and tables and chairs if they want to play cards or board games together. Our communal areas are also used for our planned social activities.

Mid-morning tea and coffee is provided and each of our homes has its own kitchen area where residents can make their own tea and coffee for themselves or when their friends and family come to visit if they are able.

Lunchtimes At Bristol Care Homes

Lunch at Bristol Care Homes is served in our dining areas, or in residents rooms if they aren’t feeling up to it. Our chefs and their teams plan and prepare each meal with every resident in mind. Lunches are our main meal of the day are generally hot meals with a variety of choices for main and dessert. Our menu changes every week and our residents enjoy freshly prepared home-cooked meals every day.

Afternoons At Bristol Care Homes

After lunch, our residents can enjoy any of the social activities that have been planned or maybe sit and relax in the communal lounge, garden if the weather is nice, in their own room if they want some quiet time or a call with a friend or family member.

We encourage everyone to be involved and socialise in our homes, however, residents don’t have to, They have their own independence and are free to take part in as much or as little as they want to.

Tea and coffee are served again mid-afternoon or residents can make their own in our kitchen areas if they want to.

We always keep in regular contact with family if a resident is unwell and we encourage family and friends to visit regularly. The hours for visiting have been restricted through Covid, however, the guidance has just been updated and we are opening our hours up now so that people can enjoy more time with their loved ones.

Evenings At Bristol Care Homes

After a delicious and wholesome home-prepared meal our residents can then spend the evening as they wish, in their own room relaxing and watching TV like they would have done at home or spending time with their friends in one of our communal areas. Often we will have entertainment in the evenings for everyone to enjoy and participate in if they want to.

Our evening meals tend to be a lighter option, and not always hot but there is always a choice for our residents to ensure everyone is catered for.

Attached is a menu for your perusal here.

If a resident is unwell and needs to stay in bed then our team will check on them regularly and give them the care they need both physically and emotionally and this would be one of your responsibilities as a carer.

Medicine rounds are done at specific times every day and only our qualified nurses are able to administer prescribed medication.

If there is a change in any of our resident’s health and medical condition then our nurses who are on-site 24 hours a day will liaise with the required medical professional and GP to ensure the right medical plan is in place for them. Their care plan will be updated and reviewed regularly and their family will be kept up to date.

We encourage our residents to continue with their hobbies or try taking up new ones and this brings great enjoyment to our homes. This can be gardening, crafts, sewing, knitting and much more as well as group activities such as dancing classes, bingo, hairdressing, animal therapy, quiz nights and much more. We also plan trips out for each of our homes and the residents love going out and experiencing different things.

Working at Bristol Care Homes is as much about providing care as it is offering companionship, supporting independence and encouraging an individual’s interests, hobbies and social interaction which is all really good for the mind and body. Interaction with our residents is a huge element and part of the positions we offer.

Nights At Bristol Care Homes

Residents can choose to go to bed when they want to and help is always available to any of our residents whenever they need it. Our carers help them get changed for bed and into bed and ensure they have everything they need to have a comfortable and sound nights sleep, feeling safe and secure.

All our resident’s rooms at Bristol Care Homes have a call system that can be used if ever they need anything when they’re in bed, relaxing in their own room or in any of our communal bathrooms. Our team will respond quickly whether it’s day or night and any residents with a condition or medical needs will be checked on regularly through the night to ensure they’re safe and comfortable.

Care Jobs BristolSocial Activities At Bristol Care Homes

At Bristol Care Homes we understand that interactive social activities are just as important for older people as they are for younger people and they have a huge impact on people’s mental and emotional well being, self-worth and happiness.

This is why our social areas and lounges are set up to encourage our residents to socialise and form strong bonds and friendships with other residents and our team, whilst enabling them to join in with our planned social activities if they want to. We provide a full calendar of social activities for our residents as research has shown that staying active in both body and mind makes a huge impact on an individuals’ physical and emotional wellbeing and this is something we are extremely focused on.

Our activities programme is designed with input from our resident’s to ensure they are meaningful, individualised and everyone feels listened to. They love being involved and are always coming up with new ideas and suggestions for us to try.

As a team member at Bristol Care homes, we want you to take time to talk to and get to know each and every resident and ensure they’re happy, independent and fulfilled.

Our Nursing Homes

Glebe House in Almondsbury, Bristol BS32
Glebe House is an impressive country style home nestled in the heart of the beautiful village of Almondsbury, surrounded by rolling countryside but just 5 minutes away from the M4/M5 interchange. It is set at the end of a private drive with a view of the outstanding and ancient spire and St Marys Church, as well as the Severn Estuary looking across Wales. As you drive through the private, leafy, tree-lined driveway you will instantly feel its impressive splendour. Glebe House first opened its doors as a Care Home in 1996 and then became part of the Bristol Care Homes 4 Care and Nursing Homes in 2006.

In 2012 Glebe House opened a state of the art dementia care unit which takes the latest research into the needs of dementia patients in both their care and surroundings. The 13 specially designed and equipped rooms for residents with dementia include colour schemes and designs based on the findings of research by the University of Stirling. This research discovered how colour choices for carpets and soft furnishing can have a huge calming effect and be helpful for residents with dementia. Glebe House also ensures that residents with dementia have safe and enjoyable access to the gardens which is a huge and important part of their care and wellbeing.

For more information on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Almondsbury or to download a brochure please visit

Beech House in Thornbury, Bristol BS35
Beech House is a modern and impressive purpose-built home in a small, select and quiet residential area on the land formerly occupied by Thornbury Hospital. Beech House is situated in the heart of the community in Thornbury, Bristol, South Gloucestershire. It is hidden away at the end of a cul-de-sac but still, only 5 minutes drive to the charming market town’s high street which is home to many local independent shops and amenities.

The gardens at Beech House are truly amazing and won ‘Bristol in Bloom Award-winning Garden’ in 2017. They are exceptionally well looked after and the large and beautiful lawn areas are meticulously cared for. There is a vegetable plot in the garden for the residents to potter about in if this is their thing, or they can just sit and enjoy the fresh air, beautiful flowers and plants on their own, with other residents or with the staff, whatever their preference is.

For more information on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Thornbury or to download a brochure please visit

Quarry House in Fishponds, Bristol BS16
Quarry House is the newest home in Bristol Care Homes portfolio of homes and was specifically designed and built by them, opening in 2016. As you drive up to the home it looks and feels like modern apartments with balconies and large planters to the front. There is a stand out feature of a connecting walkway that joins the assisted living apartments to the care home which means the outstanding facilities can be utilised by everyone.

Quarry House is located in a quiet residential area and conveniently located just 5 minutes from the bustling Fishponds high street which has all the amenities you could ever want or need, as well as good bus routes from all over Bristol. There is ample parking for staff and visitors and Bristol Care homes own minibus which supports social events and visits that are arranged in the local area.

For more information on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Fishponds or to download a brochure please visit

Quarry Court Assisted Living Apartments
Residents in our Assisted Living Apartments at our Fishponds location have the best of both worlds. They retain their independence by living in their own apartment which has been beautifully designed and built, whilst having the knowledge and peace of mind that help and support are available to them if, and whenever they need it from our Quarry House Nursing Home.

Field House in Horfield, Bristol BS7
Field House first opened in 2002. It is a modern, purpose-built property set at the end of a private lane off Blakeney Road in Horfield. It has a bright facade to the front with plenty of windows and patio doors to the ground floor making it feel light and airy inside. It is situated in front of a quiet field and there is a primary school nearby. The residents often say they can hear the lovely sound of the children playing in the background when they are sat outside.

In August 2020 Field House opened its new section of re-purposed rooms to support residents with advanced and complex dementia. Our specialist rooms are decorated using research from the findings of the University of Stirling which shows how colour choices for decor and soft furnishings can influence and promote calmness for people living with dementia.

Our specialist rooms ensure the dedicated nurses and team at Field House are able to meet the individual needs of these residents in their own space and rooms.

For more information on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Horfield or to download a brochure please visit

Come and Join Our Team At Bristol Care Homes

In every one of our homes, our team members are very proud of the exceptional care they provide to the elderly and adults with care needs and we treat our residents as if they are part of the family. Our team of nurses and carers are all friendly, professional and experienced and have been with us for many many years. Our support team members are part of our team and treated equally as without them we couldn’t care for our residents as we do. Our new starters are always made to feel very welcome when they join us and we support them and work alongside them as they learn their roles.

Bristol Care Homes Will Offer You:

    • Career Development through training opportunities
    • Inhouse training
    • Fast track onboarding
    • Online inductions
    • All our homes are family-focused and are a friendly environment to work in
    • You will be working as part of a friendly, committed and professional team
    • Good rates of pay
    • Additional pay at weekends and at night
    • Additional hourly pay for overtime
    • Profit share bonus scheme
    • Full stocks of PPE
    • Public Health England Approved Infection Control Measures in place

Working in a Care or Nursing Home is extremely rewarding and it will be the right position for you if you are compassionate and want to make a difference in people’s lives. Find out how you can join our team today and contact Kim Whitlock on 01454 412266, or you can visit us here.
Care and Nursing Home Support and Carer Jobs in Thornbury, Almondsbury, Horfield and Fishponds.

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