Why Work As A Carer At Bristol Care Homes

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Why Work As A Carer At Bristol Care Homes

Bristol Care Homes is a group of 4 privately owned Nursing Homes located in and around Bristol. We have nursing homes based in Thornbury, Almondsbury, Fishponds and Horfield. All our homes have lovely gardens, are bright and clean with modern facilities. We pride ourselves that we are extremely welcoming both to live and work in and we currently have support and carer positions available.

Our team in each of our homes are really proud of the exceptional care they provide to the elderly and adults with special care requirements and our residents and team feel very much like a family. Our team of nurses and carers are friendly, professional and experienced teams who have been with us for many many years. We always ensure all our new starters feel extremely welcome when they join us and we work alongside them whilst they learn their role with us.

Why Come and Work for Bristol Care Homes?

The role as a carer at Bristol Care Homes is extremely varied and rewarding.

The carer tasks you will be involved with include supporting residents with everyday life activities, getting up, washed and dressed, supporting them moving around the home, changing beds and linen, helping at mealtimes, helping them to go to bed at night, being involved in social activities, social interaction and ensuring you are there for residents when they need any emotional support.

As a team member at Bristol Care Homes, you will meet and build strong relationships with the people who live with us, who will all have different interests and backgrounds. As part of our team, whether as a carer or support team member you will be making a huge difference in our residents’ lives.

Working with us offers you a flexible and progressive professional career which many of our team do around their family commitments. Whether it’s full or part-time hours you are looking for, mornings, evenings, nights or weekends we may have the position for you.

Our support and carer roles include lots of training and development opportunities in-house and you will learn a huge amount through our in-house on the job training and mentoring.

Working at Bristol Care Homes is an extremely sociable and people orientated job, whether you are working in the office or caring for our residents. Our carer professionals are responsible for both the physical and social elements of care for our residents. Our primary aim for every resident is to ensure they feel fully supported and fulfilled when they live with us

Our roles in our Nursing Homes will involve you engaging with our residents family members, letting them know how their loved one has settled with us or generally how they are doing. At times this requires you to be empathetic and you will build strong relationships with our resident’s families.

Development Opportunities

We offer lots of opportunities for on the job learning and career progression. Our extensive training programme will expand your knowledge and understanding in the role you are doing and our focus is to ensure you love working for us, succeed in your position with us and want to stay.

You may decide you want to take some formal caring or nursing qualifications and this is something we will support you with.

As a carer, you will be caring for and interacting with a range of different personalities with different caring needs and this will build your knowledge and skills from day one with us. As your knowledge and skills increase this will open up opportunities for you to progress into more senior positions.

Each of our residents has an individual care plan which is reviewed regularly and this ensures we deliver the best possible care for them. As a carer, you will get to know each resident, their likes and dislikes, their interests and the people they care about and this supports them being happy living with us.

Working in one of our excellent nursing homes, 2 of which are rated as Outstanding by the CQC is a great starting point for a long and varied career, with excellent prospects for career development and advancement into higher roles and, or nursing.

Interpersonal and Relationship Building

If you enjoy working with people and socialising then a carer role or a support position working in one of our nursing homes would be ideal for you. Working with us gives you the opportunity to build strong relationships with our residents which is really important to them, their families and other team members.

Working for Bristol Care Homes means you will have a huge impact on our residents’ lives by caring for them in a compassionate and supportive way.

As a carer, you ensure our residents don’t feel lonely or isolated. You will be a key part of them enjoying their life and you will build unique friendships and bonds with them and the team you work with.

Rewarding Career

Working for Bristol Care Homes is extremely rewarding and you will go home feeling like you have made a difference in someone’s life. Whether that’s from caring for a resident physically or just spending time with them, chatting about their life, interests or family.

Knowing what you do and the hard work you put in helps our residents maintain a good quality of life and this is a great feeling and achievement. You will be supporting them to live as independently as they can which has a big impact on how people feel when they live with us. Many residents can no longer physically cope living on their own at home but they still need a lot of mental stimulation and to know they are still independent, just in a new home environment. Living with us often gives people peace of mind knowing that if they need anyone at any time there is always someone there for them, 24 hours a day, and this on its own can improve their happiness. For many residents, they don’t want to live on their own anymore as they feel lonely and even if they don’t need any physical support from us they no longer want to feel isolated meaning social interaction and stimulation can be the main focus of their care with us.

Working for us you will be helping to change people’s lives for the better and this in itself is hugely rewarding.

Working Hours To Fit Around Your Commitments

Working as a carer in one of our nursing homes can often work to fit around your family commitments. We offer different shift patterns, full and part-time, working in the day and, or night shifts or working weekends only. You will never be working on your own and we always have a qualified nurse on shift 24 hours a day 365 days a year in every one of our homes.

Working In Your Community

A role with us means you will have a pivotal role in the health and social care industry and being an essential part of your community is very rewarding.

Knowing you are making a difference in many of our residents’ lives is extremely rewarding and will not only give them happiness but make you feel valued and happy in the job you are doing which is important for most people.

Our residents really appreciate and value the people who care for them both physically and socially.

Social Interaction

If you are a social person then working for us would be an ideal job for you. Our team not only care for our residents physically but they make time to chat and interact with them throughout every day. We arrange regular social events and activities in each of our nursing homes and our team are actively involved in these. It may be a quiz night, a craft event, keep fit, a musician coming into one of our homes, a trip out and so many more, our residents and team love getting involved and having fun

What Qualities Do We Look For In Our Carers?

    • Compassionate
    • Caring
    • Organised
    • Supportive
    • Independent
    • Flexible
    • Professional
    • Respectful
    • Fun/Friendly
    • Social
    • Empathetic
    • Patient
    • Resilient
    • Reliable

These are some of the core qualities we look for in our carers and if you have these then we can teach you about the role if you come and work for us.

What Makes Bristol Care Homes Such A Good Care Nursing Home?

A good care/nursing home is about having the right systems, processes and quality controls in place as well a strong ethos of caring and looking after people with compassion and dignity both physically and mentally.

Individual Care Plans

Every resident who lives with us has an individual care plan which is built around them, their choices and preferences.  Building a care plan in this way ensures every resident remains as independent as they can, with the support they need both medically, physically and mentally, and with dignity. Our individual care plans support us to deliver person-centred care compassionately and accurately.

Our care plans include; everything each resident needs, including medical, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs.

Each care plan is available to everyone involved in the care of an individual and ensures our team are accountable for and can deliver the best in class care.

Getting To Know Every Resident

We take time to get to know every resident and their needs and this ensures we are able to give the best possible care in a caring, dignified and compassionate manner.

    • Time with our chef to identify likes and dislikes and any support needed with meals
    • Time with our nurse to understand any health and wellbeing needs
    • We find out who is important to each resident, including family and friends
    • We understand all medical and medication needs and communicate with GP’s and consultants
    • We spend quality time with each resident to get to know them, find out about their interests, likes and dislikes
    • Every resident has time with our Activities Team who find out what their interests are so they can plan new activities and encourage them to get involved

Our Technology To Keep Everyone Safe

We use state of the art systems for all care plans and medication which are reviewed regularly. Our systems are designed to ensure that information is always kept up to date, is accessible and only accessible to anyone involved in a resident’s care.

Our Electronic Care Plan System:

    • Gives our team access to the most up to date guidance
    • Everyone involved in care can see the information they need to deliver the right care
    • Highlights when a care plan needs to be reviewed. The care plans are reviewed with each resident to ensure they are relevant and adequate.
    • Any changes are updated immediately and instantly available for all of our care team to see and use.

Our Electronic Medicines Management System:

    • We use the latest state-of-the-art medication management system to ensure medication is accurate and safe
    • The system links electronically to each resident’s own GP and our pharmacist
    • Our highly trained team clearly see the medication to be administered and when
    • The system automatically orders repeat prescriptions from our pharmacist so we always have them in stock

Staff Skills and Training

Our team are all trained to the highest standards to ensure the best quality of care is always given. We invest in our staff and their development and this ensures we deliver the best care.

    • Our team’s training covers the whole range of clinical skills they need
    • Our fully qualified nurses are available in all of our homes 24/7 meaning there is always expert clinical care and support available
    • Our team are widely trained in other skill including activities, hand massage and communication
    • Our team’s skills and abilities make our care the best in class.

Our Commitments

We commit to ensuring that every one of our residents enjoys a happy fulfilling life, with lots of interest and interaction.

Our holistic care focus means social activities are a key part of life in each of our homes and our aim is to ensure they are fun, welcoming and inclusive.

Our activities are at the heart of our homes and our dedicated activities teams are trained by leading experts to engage and ensure every activity is meaningful and engaging. We take time to get to know every resident and our activities are organised to include everyone’s interests.

Our activities are fun and varied to keep them fresh, interesting and meeting everyone’s needs.

We work with the following organisations to improve and change our activities so they remain varied, fun and dynamic in each of our Nursing Homes:

    • Alive – A leading local activities charity help us by training and coaching our team, inspiring us with new ideas and regularly auditing our activities programme – www.aliveactivites.org
    • Universities – help us develop our understanding and practice, especially with developing activities for residents with dementia. We are currently funding a university study to help us better understand the positive impact of our activities.
    • Aurora Orchestra and the Bristol Beacon are our partners in planning and establishing an annual celebratory city care concert in Bristol.

We ensure we celebrate special occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas with our residents and make these events meaningful and joyful for everyone. The Christmas period is a lovely time in all of our Nursing Homes.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Feedback is really important to use and enables us to change and improve things consistently.

    • We actively ask for feedback from our residents and team members using conversation and surveys
    • We regularly carry out our own internal audits and take actions from these for improvements in all aspects of our care
    • We carry out audits with Alive Activities
    • We regularly review feedback from our CQC inspections and set ourselves objectives to ensure we continually improve
    • Seeing smiles and joy, and hearing laughter in our homes is of course the best feedback we can get

What are the Benefits of Working With Us?

    • Career Development through training opportunities
    • Inhouse training
    • Fast track onboarding
    • Online inductions
    • All our homes are family-focused and are a friendly environment to work in
    • You will be working as part of a friendly, committed and professional team
    • Good rates of pay
    • Additional pay at weekends and at night
    • Additional hourly pay for overtime
    • Profit share bonus scheme
    • Full stocks of PPE
    • Public Health England Approved Infection Control Measures in place

If you are currently working in the care industry and would like to find out more about our roles or you think a carer role could be for you, please contact Kim Whitlock on 01454 412266 or visit us here.

Support and Carer jobs in Thornbury, Almondsbury, Horfield and Fishponds.

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