Why apply for a job at Bristol Care Homes?

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Why apply for a job at Bristol Care Homes?

Searching for care home jobs in Bristol can be a challenging journey with so many aspects of the process to be considered.

What care home should I choose? What Bristol care home job should I apply for? What experience do I need to work in a care home? Is it safe to work in a care home? These are only a few questions that can appear when thinking of joining a care home team.

Regardless of the type of Bristol care home job you will apply for, working in a nursing home can be a very fulfilling journey. You are literally making the world a better place by supporting and taking care of vulnerable, elderly people.

Working in a care home is an exciting and rewarding experience. You will be able to work with many different people, providing them the support they need while also giving your own self-care some much-needed attention! Some examples of tasks that might come up, depending on the Bristol care home job you apply for are: helping the residents with taking medication, washing up, putting on makeup as well as dressing in their best outfits. Sometimes you will also have to support them by taking part in activities, and even day trips.

Care home jobs in Bristol and actually, any other location have a key role in the nursing and care of each individual resident by meeting their specific needs. Knowing the needs and preferences of each individual is crucial in order to provide them with an optimum lifestyle in the care home; this will lead to greater wellbeing! And it will make you an excellent asset to the company and therefore rewarded.

Care home employees need more than just empathy when they are taking on this responsibility because the job also requires patience which can be difficult depending on how busy things can get sometimes in a care home. Luckily, here at Bristol Care Homes, we make sure we always have enough staff during the day as well as during the night, making sure all residents are looked after and no member of staff gets overwhelmed with too much work.

Why choose to apply for a job at Bristol Care Homes?

One of our biggest values is making sure that both our staff and residents feel valued and happy. We take great pride in working alongside each other as part of a family!

We have various jobs available at our care homes across Bristol, both within the caring teams or the nursing teams. A position with us will provide you not only an opportunity to make a difference in the world by supporting the elderly, but also grow personally and professionally by attending any of the various training sessions we offer.

We believe that every care home job role in our Bristol locations deserves the skills to deliver outstanding quality. That’s why we offer a comprehensive induction training programme, as well as plenty of opportunities for you to develop your skill set with us! We’re committed to investing in people who will be able to grow in their roles as much as they want and need.

What types of jobs do care home staff do?

There are many different care homes job in Bristol as in any other location; it just depends on what you’re interested, who would you like to work for and the benefits of the job opportunity.

The jobs at Bristol Care Homes are great opportunities with excellent benefits including receiving the necessary support and training for your professional growth. For example, many of our care team leaders started as care assistants and now are looking forward to becoming registered nurses. You can grow as much as you want knowing we can support you along the way.

Also, we only have 4 care homes in Bristol which means our efforts in providing a high level of love and care to our staff and residents are not being spread among tens of locations. Having only 4 care homes helps us keep a very personal, loving level of care.

That’s why we are looking for people with a caring and compassionate heart to join our team. You will be an important part of the Bristol Care Homes family, regardless of the job you will do. We offer both full-time and part-time opportunities as well as bank hours, so you can have the freedom to choose what fits your needs and other commitments. Here is our latest list of vacancies:

  • Activities Assistant
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Bank Ancillary Workers (Kitchen, Laundry, Domestic)
  • Care Assistant
  • Domestic Assistant
  • Breakfast Carer
  • Carer
  • Chef
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Laundry Assistant
  • Physiotherapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Senior Carer.

Click here to view the latest Bristol Care Homes jobs, vacancies, and career opportunities. 

Is it safe to work in a care home?

It depends on how much the company is investing in the health and safety of its employees as well as in supporting them throughout their work journey. But it is important to acknowledge that care home staff are at risk of several significant workplace hazards, including:

  • back injuries from handling residents
  • stress in case employers may not be training and managing their staff properly
  • abuse in case they are dealing with residents in pain or suffering from mental illness.

When applying for a care home job in Bristol, make sure you are asking your future employer what health and safety training they provide. For example, with Bristol Care Homes you will be taking as part of your induction training a Manual Handling course making sure you avoid any physical injuries when dealing with moving residents, and helping them wash or dress up. There is specific training we offer for staff working in our dementia units and we always make sure we have enough staff on each shift to avoid people from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Even though the CQC inspections look at the safety of the home more from a resident’s point of view than an employee’s point of view, we believe that the safety of our residents is a mirror of the safety of our staff. Two of our care homes have an Outstanding CQC rating and 2 of them have a Good CQC rating, which proves that we go the extra mile to keep everyone in the care homes safe.

What qualifications do you need to work in a care home?

It depends on the job role you are applying for and the care home providing that opportunity. Registered nurse and carer team leader roles will require specific qualifications, but usually, for the carer or carer assistant opportunities, qualifications are not necessarily required. The employer will provide you then the needed training to start a job in care.

For example, our Bristol Care Homes jobs are for anyone feeling passionate about caring for others and looking to take their career in a progressive direction. So, if you were to apply for a carer job, but have no qualifications, we would welcome the opportunity to know you and see if you would fit our lovely team depending on the care home you want to join. If successful, we would then be happy to invest in your training and in getting you ready to start providing the loving care we strive to provide here at Bristol Care Homes.

Care home job interview questions?

If you have gone to at least one job interview, you are most probably familiar with the unsettling feeling of not knowing what the interviewer will ask you and more especially, of not knowing if you will be able to answer correctly. But in a care home interview, it does not matter if you will give the correct answers, it’s more about giving honest answers which can help both you and the employer see if you are a good fit for each other. So, in your next interview focus on answering the questions honestly and openly providing enough information about your skills and experience.

For example, if you were to apply for a carer job, these are some questions you could come across:

  • What do you believe a care worker does?
  • What qualities do you think are making you suitable for the role?
  • Can you give us an example of previous teamwork?
  • Have you been put in an emergency which required quick thinking and fast decision making?
  • Have you ever looked after anyone before; a loved one or maybe doing some voluntary work?

What if I want to volunteer for a care home?

Almost all care homes are welcoming volunteers in their locations, and Bristol Care Homes are no exception. We are more than happy to welcome anybody who wants to donate their time and energy by helping and supporting our residents and staff in the care homes. Very often it is our residents’ relatives who apply for doing voluntary work, but we are open to anyone wanting to give back and make the world a better place

If you are interested in volunteering with Bristol Care Homes, please click here to contact us.

care home jobs in Bristol

What are the benefits of working for Bristol Care Homes?

We take pride in our reputation for providing high-quality care, which is due to the exceptional people who work here.

The staff doing the jobs in our Bristol Care Homes are empowered with an environment where they can build long-lasting relationships with other staff members so that each feels cared for by the management and their co-workers.

We understand what it takes not just physically but also mentally from our staff members to provide the excellent level of care we are known to give our residents, and we do everything we can to look after them. We really do care about our people, and we believe that’s what makes Bristol Care Homes such a great place to work.

On the other side, it’s important for us to have dedicated staff with values that can contribute to the long-term success of our growing organisation. We are very proud of all our colleagues who decided to join the Bristol Care Homes family. We know it’s not an easy process to grow and develop within the care industry, but any hard work will be supported, valued, and recognised.

So why not apply for a Bristol Care Homes job and join a growing company that can make your career the best it can be?

We work with excellent training experts who will provide induction courses, yearly update training, specific training for special residents’ needs, end of life support training, dementia training, and non-clinical skills training. We also support any desire to grow and develop, so if you feel a certain type of training will support you and your colleagues in delivering the best quality care to our residents, please share it and we will discuss its delivery.

With a job at Bristol Care Homes, you will also financially benefit from a wide range of perks. Our bespoke rewards scheme will save you money on travel, shopping, holidays, utilities, entertainment and much more. You can join and use our cycle to work scheme, and benefit from great savings on gyms and restaurants, and even parking. You will have usually same-day access to a GP and lots of resources for maintaining good health and mental health.

Here is a summary of the great benefits waiting for you with a Bristol Care Homes job:

  • Great rates of pay with 20% enhancement at weekends
  • Welcome bonus of £100
  • Profit share bonus scheme
  • Excellent induction programme
  • Excellent training and development opportunities
  • We have career pathways for carers to work through to qualifying as a nurse over time as you work for us
  • Rewards scheme
  • Retail discounts
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Food from the kitchen when on shift
  • Uniform provided

Our Nursing Homes

Glebe House in Almondsbury, Bristol BS32

Glebe House is a beautiful country-style home that’s nestled in the heart of Almondsbury, surrounded by rolling countryside and only 5 minutes from the M4/M5 interchange. A private drive leads up to this impressive manor with amazing views overlooking ancient spires as well as Severn Estuary looking across Wales!

The impressive driveway and private, leafy surroundings will instantly make you feel like you’re in a different world. Glebe House first opened its doors as a care home for those who need care and nursing care in 1998; then it became part of the Bristol Care Homes family of 4 care homes.

In 2012, Glebe House opened a state-of-the-art dementia care unit that considers recent research about patients with this condition. The 13 specially designed and equipped rooms include colour schemes based on findings from the University of Stirling in order to make residents feel more at ease as well as provide comfort when needed most.

For more details on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Almondsbury or to download a brochure please visit www.bristolcarehomes.co.uk/our-homes/glebe-house/.

Beech House in Thornbury, Bristol BS35

Beech House, a modern and impressive purpose-built home in an area that is small yet select. This house sits on top of land formerly occupied by Thornbury Hospital. It has many amenities for everyone to enjoy including an incredible open plan design with stunning views of the garden. You won’t find this hidden gem on the high street, but you only need a 5 minutes’ drive from shops to arrive at your destination.

The gardens at Beech House are a true wonder to behold. They have won “Bristol in Bloom Award-winning Garden”. The large lawns are carefully cared for by our team of experts. Residents are welcome to enjoy a spot of gardening if that’s their thing, or they can just sit back and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful flowers.

For more details on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Thornbury or to download a brochure please visit www.bristolcarehomes.co.uk/our-homes/quarry-house.

Quarry House in Fishponds, Bristol BS16

Quarry House is the newest home built by Bristol Care Homes opening its doors in 2016. It is a very modern building with balconies which proved to be very useful during the COVID pandemic when residents could enjoy the fresh air without the risk of infection. The special design of the building allows residents from various units to get together for various activities.

Quarry House is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a quiet, easy-going lifestyle with all your needs filled. You’ll need to drive only 5 minutes from the bustling Fishponds high street which has everything any person could want or need, plus good bus routes making it very easy to access.

The care home has ample parking for staff and visitors. We also own a minibus that is used for social events or visits to local areas.

For more details on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Fishponds or to download a brochure please visit www.bristolcarehomes.co.uk/our-homes/quarry-house.

Quarry Court Assisted Living Apartments

Next to Quarry House, Bristol Care Homes has launched an innovative new provision of extra care living, Quarry Court.

Here at our Fishponds location, we offer a home away from the bustle of city life. Our residents have their independence by living in an apartment that has been beautifully designed and built with care to meet all needs – but they also know help from the Quarry House care home is just around the corner if needed!

Field House in Horfield, Bristol BS7

Field House is situated in front of a quiet field, in Horfield and there’s a primary school nearby. The residents often say they can hear the lovely sounds from children playing outside when they’re sat out here enjoying their day!

The Field House has introduced a new section of rooms to support those with advanced and complex dementia in August 2020. These specialist rooms are decorated using research from the findings at Stirling University, which shows how colour choices can influence calmness in people living with dementia.

For more details on Bristol Care Homes’ nursing home in Horfield or to download a brochure please visit www.bristolcarehomes.co.uk/our-homes/field-house.

Apply for a job at Bristol Care Homes

Working in a care or nursing home is a rewarding position for those who want to make a difference and help people. Find out how you can join our team today by contacting Sarah Walker at careers@bristolcarehomes.co.uk or explore our Care Home Jobs in Bristol here.

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