Bristol Care Homes Visitor Care Policy

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Bristol Care Homes Visitor Care Policy

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 across the world and the subsequent reduction in infection rates in the UK we are now in a much better position to allow visitors to come and see their loved ones in our care homes. The coronavirus pandemic does, however, mean that our visitor guidelines have been changed with many procedures in place to ensure we keep our residents and staff safe within our homes. We have put strict guidelines in place in our Bristol Care Homes Visitor Care Policy to prevent infection from entering and spreading within our homes to ensure everyone’s safety and well being.

All our residents and staff have coped amazingly well in the strict lockdown and during this time we have tried to keep life as normal as possible for them. Now infection rates are decreasing and we have our visitor policy in place they are now all very excited and looking forward to seeing their loved ones again.

The government revised their visitor guidelines for care and nursing homes in the UK on 31st July 2020 and these can be found here.

Bristol Care Homes first priority continues to be to reduce the risk of infection and transmission within each one of our care homes which will prevent future outbreaks and keep our residents healthy and safe during these ever-changing times.

We have faced many challenges in the last 6 months since the outbreak of COVID-19 and we feel we are now in a position to welcome visitors back to our homes following strict guidelines as we know this is an important factor for our residents and their families mental well being and overall health.

We have assessed the risks in all of our care homes and will continue to do this and will make any amendments necessary if there are any increases to infection rates in the UK nationally, or if there are local outbreaks in communities.

The Government’s Guidance For all Care Homes in England sets out:

  • the principles of a local approach and dynamic risk assessment
  • advice for providers when establishing their visiting policy
  • advice for providers when taking visiting decisions for particular residents or groups of residents
  • infection-control precautions
  • communicating with family and others about the visiting policy and visiting decisions

Bristol Care Homes and the government has committed that the guidance will be updated as the risk posed by coronavirus continues to change.

Bristol Care Homes would like to thank everyone for being so understanding during this difficult time, we understand how hard it has been not seeing your loved ones, but the safety of our residents and staff has been our number one priority during these times.bristol care homes visiting procedure

We are slowly introducing safe visiting back into our homes and we know your loved ones will be excited and more than pleased to see you.

In summary:

  • Visits will be in a designated outside area, by appointment only and MUST be pre-booked
  • Initially, visits will be for 30-60 minutes and any amendments or changes to this will be communicated
  • Strict 2-meter social distancing must be maintained at all times and masks worn. Please remember you may not feel unwell but you could still be carrying coronavirus so the 2-metre distancing rule is vitally important
  • Only in exceptional circumstances and in agreement with the home manager, visiting can be arranged indoors, for up to 30 minutes, 2-meters apart and with face protection
  • Unfortunately, no children are allowed to visit at this time

We understand that seeing your loved one for the first time in many months will be very emotional but please do not breach the 2-meter distancing rule. Please be aware that if this guideline is broken your relative will have to go into isolation for 14 days. Isolation means not leaving their room and all visiting ceased during this time so this is for their both theirs and your benefit and well being.

Prior to Your Visit

You must call and pre-book your visit with us. This allows us to ensure we do not have too many visitors at one time, we have enough seats available outside for every visitor and resident and enough staff available to facilitate your visit. We are limiting visitors at this time to ensure we can all social distance safely and effectively within a 2 metres distance.

If you are feeling unwell and have or had any COVID-19 symptoms please do not visit us for at least 14 days.

Please do not visit if you have been in direct contact with someone who has been unwell in the last 14 days, or tested positive for Covid-19.

On Arrival of Your Visit

You must ensure you complete the screening checklist which gives us a record of your visit and any other information we need prior to you seeing your loved one. This information will also be used for test and trace purposes if required.

Please arrive on time for your visit, please do not arrive early or late as we are having to strictly schedule every visit so we can accommodate every family and this will ensure we do not have too many visitors in our homes at any one time.

When you arrive please stay in your car and phone to let us know you have arrived. This allows us to check our visit schedule and ensure prior visitors have exited before you enter allowing us to keep to our visitor numbers and ensure safe social distancing for everyone.

One of the team will come out to your car to collect you when we are ready for you and will explain the visiting process and anything we require you to do.

Please sanitise your hands before you enter the home and again as you enter as this will keep everyone in the home safe as well as yourselves.

We will provide you with a mask at the entrance which you must wear. It will be a disposable mask that we know has not been in contact with any possible infection from outside previously.

Please allow us to take your temperature at the entrance of the home.

If you bring any gifts please leave them by the porch door with your loved one’s name clearly on it and we will either sanitise the gifts or they may have to be quarantined. Please be aware that caring for our residents is our number one priority so there may be a delay to any gifts being passed on to them.

At this point, you will then be directed to the outside visiting area. Please sit down in the allocated space and stay seated so there is no risk of the 2-metre distancing rule being broken for either residents, staff or other visitors.

During Your Visit

Please stay 2 meters apart from your loved one at all times. We appreciate this will be really difficult after not seeing them for so long but it will keep them and other residents safe from infection.

Please do not touch or move within 2 meters of your family member during your visit to ensure no infection is passed.

Please do not pass any gifts or belongings to your loved one or to any members of staff, these must be left at the entrance so they can be sanitised or quarantined if needed.

At this time we will not be able to offer you any food and drink during your visit as again this limits any transmission of infection and reduces contact between you and staff members

A member of staff will be present throughout your visit but will ensure they don’t intrude on your visit and time with your loved one.

We appreciate there are now a lot more rules and procedures in place for you when you visit us in our homes but I’m sure you will all appreciate how important it is that we follow the guidelines to ensure we keep your loved one and our staff members safe and infection-free.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and welcoming you back into our homes.

Download a printable version of our Visiting Guidelines

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Table of Contents

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