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Specialist Old Age Care in Bristol

There are often times when a loved one can no longer cope on their own at home or they no longer want to live at home alone and you need to find them a Nursing or Care Home that offers homely and compassionate Specialist Old Age or Elderly Care.

Bristol Care Homes has 4 high-quality nursing homes located in and around Bristol and one of our specialist care categories is specialist old-age care. Our team are often referred to as a family in each of our care homes as they are homely, bright, stimulating and caring where the residents and staff members build strong bonds.

Every person is different and their needs are different so our care focuses on individual care plans to offer as much support with daily living as anyone needs along with social interaction and a wide range of different activities to suit each resident who lives with us.

Our nursing home in Fishponds also has several assisted living accommodations which are high spec individual new apartments located opposite our nursing home but connected by an enclosed bridge between the two. This enables people to still live on their own independently knowing there is support there if they need it along with social interaction and activities.

Quarry Court Assisted Living Apartments also feature a stunning leisure pool and gym, an elegant white tablecloth restaurant, a hair salon, a resident kitchenette, and artfully decorated lounge areas. Our services also include personal care, catering, laundry, cleaning and maintenance.

Living in an assisted living apartment means you have a team onsite to support you with anything you need on an ad hoc or planned basis. This means you can live on your own or with a loved one and live your life as you want to without as much structure as there would be in a care or nursing home. You may not need any support with your day to day living, however, you are thinking about the future and the support you might need. This means you won’t need to move out of your home when the time comes that you could need more support as you will already be living in a beautiful apartment where there is little or no maintenance to your property, onsite support if you need it as well as lots of social interaction and company if that’s what you are looking for.

The team at Bristol Care Homes will meet with you and your family to discuss what support you need, any medical needs you have and talk you through which of our nursing homes and locations would suit you best.

Providing care in our family and home-from-home nursing homes is something we are extremely proud of. Our teams have the experience and knowledge to support you or your loved one during the transition to us, and our on-site nurses are available 24 hours a day if, and when nursing care is required.

What is Old Age Specialist Care?

There isn’t anything specific about old age or elderly care as it should be based on an individual’s needs, whether they need physical support, medication administration support, social interaction and, or mental stimulation to keep their minds active, or all of these. A good nursing home will ensure everyone who lives with them remains as independent and active as possible and that all their needs are catered for.

Why Would Someone Need Our Olds Age Specialist Care?

If you have a family member or a loved one who is struggling more with everyday tasks and you are having to help a lot more then moving into a lovely nursing home may be the best option. They may be feeling lonely and aren’t having enough social interaction on a daily basis or they no longer feel safe living on their own at home. If any of these are the case then considering the option of full-time elderly care or assisted living may be the right choice for both them and you. Often when a loved one is struggling it is difficult to give them as much support and companionship as you’d like to and this often makes us feel stressed and bad that we aren’t doing enough. Living in a professional and lovely nursing home will give you and them peace of mind as well as the support they need with lots of everyday tasks and lots of social interaction and activities for them to be involved in.

About Bristol Care Homes Nursing Homes

The staff at each of our Nursing Homes are all caring and compassionate and love spending time with our residents whether they are carers, nurses or part of our admin and support teams.

We focus on ensuring that each of our homes has a home from home feel. Social interaction between residents and staff is key to the success of our homes as a lot of elderly people who come to live with us do so as they feel lonely or isolated living on their own.

Our teams understand that moving into a care home is a very unsettling time and our team does everything possible to make everyone feel welcome and ensure they settle in quickly.

As part of our commitment to maintaining independence, all of our homes encourage residents to continue with their lives and hobbies for as long as they are able. In each of our nursing homes, our residents have access to a downstairs communal kitchenette and this supports independence by enabling them to prepare hot drinks whenever they want, and when friends and family visit.

Our communal lounges and dining areas are light and airy, and our lounges serve as spaces where friends can watch TV together, play cards or board games, solve a puzzle, or take part in social activities.

Our homes have wide corridors so you can easily manoeuvre a wheelchair and there are handrails if you ever need steadying. They are regularly remodelled to keep them feeling fresh and bright.

Every day, our chefs plan and prepare fresh, nutritious meals onsite. We can accommodate any medical or dietary requirements when it comes to meals, and our chefs ensure our food is varied and enticing for everyone, whatever their needs. Taking time to eat provides structure to everyone’s day, as well as giving residents a sense of emotional connection, promoting and allowing good and happy conversations to take place. There may be times when residents prefer to dine alone in their room and we can accommodate if necessary but don’t naturally encourage it.

Having a varied, balanced and nutritious diet and keeping your mind and body active are two important components of good health and wellbeing as we age. At Bristol Care Homes we understand that these important factors help to maintain healthy body weight and a healthy heart, as well as reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and health problems both physically and mentally for all ages so this is a priority for us.

Our chefs are all level 3 qualified, so they are able to create a variety of nutritional menus and high-quality foods while adhering to residents’ dietary requirements. Fresh, quality ingredients are used throughout our menus, which change weekly to ensure our residents have a varied diet and a range of nutrient-rich meal options. There are hearty breakfasts, mid-morning snacks, lunches, afternoon teas and evening meals provided in each of our 4 Nursing Homes.

To ensure everyone feels special on their birthday, we celebrate with a birthday cake and a happy birthday song.

Each of our nursing homes has an outside space available for our residents to enjoy. We have seating and parasols so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather with flowers and planters which ensure a bright, welcoming and tranquil space. Some of our residents love to help in our gardens and potter around, whether it’s a new hobby or something they have always enjoyed.

Our dedicated Social Managers ensure that each of our care home residents is included in stimulating and varied social activities. The wide range of social activities available is due to the diverse interests, passions, and loves of everyone. For example, music, art, fitness, gardening, cooking, day trips, and much more are all available.

We are really proud that all of our home’s atmospheres are light, bright and welcoming and each of our teams is passionate and focused on creating a homely atmosphere where everyone feels included and part of a family.

What are the aims of Bristol Care Homes Old Age Specialist Care?

old age careThe aim of our old age specialist care is to support people as they get older both physically, mentally, medically and socially in a kind and compassionate manner.

Our specialist nurses are on hand in each of our homes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are always on hand to support you medically if needed giving you and your loved one peace of mind at all times.

We can support everyday living tasks such as dressing, washing, eating and much more, as well as providing physical support to move around and social interaction ensuring everyone feels a part of our family. Our residents have no worries about shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing as this is all done for them allowing them the time to enjoy themselves and take part in the activities they want to.

If you are considering elderly care for your loved one or you are considering it for yourself it is a very personal thing. You can call us and arrange a visit to each of our nursing homes and this will give you an idea and feel for how we care for people and see for yourself the home from home and friendly care we provide which is extremely important.

Our team will support you and your family to decide if full-time care is right for you, or if respite care would benefit you and a loved one. We are dedicated to supporting you through the difficult decisions related to the care and the options available to you. Our dedicated and experienced nursing staff will spend time with you to help you decide which of our homes is best suited to your needs.

What Are Our Specialist Care Categories?

Registered Care Categories with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

    • Dementia
    • Old Age
    • Physical Disability
    • Sensory Impairment

Specialist Care Categories

    • Alzheimer’s
    • Bariatric Care/Obesity
    • Cancer Care
    • Challenging Behaviour
    • Colitis & Crohn’s Disease
    • Head/Brain Injury
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Huntington’s Disease
    • Motor Neurone Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Orthopaedic
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Speech Impairment
    • Stroke
    • Visual Impairment

Other Care

    • Convalescent Care
    • Day Care
    • Own GP if required
    • Palliative Care
    • Physiotherapy
    • Respite Care
    • Separate Specialist Dementia Care Unit

About Bristol Care Homes

We are a group of four high-quality nursing homes located throughout Bristol. All of our team members are dedicated to providing excellent care to our residents in a professional and compassionate way.

    • Beautiful gardens with plenty of greenery, trees, and flowers along with seating areas for residents and visitors to enjoy
    • Environmentally friendly buildings with 24/7 air circulation for a fresh, clean environment
    • Different social areas in each of our homes
    • Dining rooms for communal use
    • Good sized bedrooms with high ceilings that give the feeling of space
    • Easily accessible corridors
    • Televisions, DVD players, and direct line telephones in every bedroom as well as internet access in every room
    • Custom-built wheelchairs of the highest quality
    • The latest technology in showers and baths
    • A schedule of minibus trips
    • Maintenance and replacement cycles for new carpets and decoration
    • Our highly qualified chefs prepare delicious, nutritious and varied meals
    • Our residents enjoy a variety of interesting and fun social activities
    • Staff that are warm, friendly, and caring
    • Qualified and experienced nurses are available 24 hours a day

In addition to providing excellence in holistic care for the elderly for the past 20 years, Bristol Care Homes has won an Outstanding CQC rating for two of its homes and Good in the others.

If you are looking for Old Age Specialist Care in Bristol please contact us today to find out how we can help you and your family.

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