What to choose: a residential or a nursing home?

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The choice between a nursing home and a residential home depends on the specific needs and preferences of the resident, whether you look for a care home in Bristol or any other location. Both types of facilities provide care for elderly, but they have distinct characteristics and services.

Level of Care:

Nursing Homes offer a higher level of medical care, including 24-hour nursing supervision. They are suitable for individuals with more complex medical needs, such as those requiring regular medical attention, medication management, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Residential Home: These homes provide a more home-like environment with less intensive medical care. They are ideal for individuals who are relatively independent but may require some assistance with daily tasks and benefit from the companionship of others.

Bristol Care Homes: all our four care homes in Bristol are combining the benefits of nursing and residential homes. Despite all our Bristol homes being nursing homes, they all four have a very home-like feeling that is appreciated by all our current residents. Our doors are open to both residents who require nursing care, as well as residential care. Moreover, we recommend selecting a nursing home even though your current needs might only be for residential care. This is because firstly, you benefit from 24/7 nursing supervision and secondly you won’t need to move homes in case your health deteriorates. As we also have dementia units in all our four homes in Bristol, our residents and their relatives can rest assured that they won’t need to change homes in case health deteriorates.

Medical Services:

Nursing Home: Typically, nursing homes have skilled nursing staff and medical professionals available to address various health issues. They may have on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other specialized medical services.

Residential Home: While residential homes assist with daily activities, they may not have the same level of medical services as nursing homes. They often focus more on personal care and social activities.

Bristol Care Homes: all of our care homes in Bristol offer 24/7 nursing care and a wide range of monthly activities, that are printed in our monthly glossy calendars and handed to our residents and their relatives.


Nursing Home: Due to the higher level of medical care and staffing, nursing homes can be more expensive than residential homes.

Residential Home: These homes may be more cost-effective for individuals who do not require constant medical supervision.

Bristol Care Homes: here at Bristol Care Homes we are very proud to be offering excellent nursing care at very competitive prices. Click here to check our weekly standard prices.


Nursing Home: Residents in nursing homes may have more significant health challenges and may require more assistance with daily activities. The level of independence can vary depending on individual health conditions.

Residential Home: Residents often have more independence and autonomy, as the focus is on providing support rather than intensive medical care.

Bristol Care Homes: as all our Bristol carers are trained to look after nursing and dementia residents, you can rest assured that all your needs will be met with the highest level of care.

Social Environment:

Nursing Home: Residents may interact with a diverse group of individuals with varying health conditions. Some nursing homes also offer social activities and events.

Residential Home: These homes typically have a smaller number of residents, fostering a more intimate and family-like atmosphere. Social activities are often tailored to the preferences and abilities of the residents.

Bristol Care Homes: all our four nursing homes in Bristol have a smaller number of residents than the typical nursing homes which enables us to keep an intimate atmosphere and provide a very personalized programme of activities. Moreover, Bristol Care Homes as a group is a family-owned project that started from the genuine vision to deliver great levels of care to our residents.

Ultimately, the choice between a nursing home and a residential home should be based on the individual’s health needs, level of independence, and personal preferences. But we do recommend selecting a nursing home that can cover your potential future needs as well, a home that offers 24/7 nursing care, that is cost-effective, and also provides individual, person-centred care.

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Table of Contents

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