Jules expressed her wish to take a drive on the Downs and get an ice cream at the Sea Wall, as she used to visit there a lot when she was younger.

On the way, our Field House Activities Assistant, Jeremy asked if there was anywhere else she would like to go. Jules said that she had never been to Cabot Tower, so a quick change of direction and off they went. As they turned into Great George Street, Jules could see the tower in front of her and started to feel really joyful.

Jule’s day got even better when Jeremy suggested that they go into the park, sit under the tower and have a cup of tea. After a cuppa, Jeremy and Jules had a lovely drive to the Downs and a fabulous, small, ice cream! Jules said the trip was just what she needed.

Every week our activities teams are trying to arrange as many one-to-one trips as possible for our wonderful residents. These trips are in advance to the daily activities and trips we are organising in each home.